ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner, gallons (4 gallons/case)


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ProClean® Concentrated Drain Cleaner is specifically designed to keep pipes clear and free-flowing by preventing waste buildup (such as grease, fats and soaps). Treating the drains monthly with ProClean is the best way to keep them from clogging. ProClean products offer a solution to homeowners that are looking to prevent drain problems and to help eliminate emergency plumbing. One gallon contains product for 64 treatments.

How Does it Work?
ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner is a safe, economical and environmentally friendly solution to buildup in drains. ProClean uses natural biological elements - nontoxic, beneficial bacteria absorb grease and organic buildup in pipes and converts them into harmless carbon dioxide and water. In addition, the drain cleaner coats the inside of drain pipes with a biofilm which helps prevent future organic wastes from building up. ProClean's active ingredients continually consume the waste until it is gone.

Is it Safe to Use on All Drains?
Yes, because ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner utilizes natural biological elements, it is safe to use on all drain pipes, including copper, PVC, and iron, regardless of how often it is used to treat them. It is safe to use in all kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers, laundry drains, and floor drains.  ProClean is approved for use by municipalities and water treatment facilities across the country, and is safe to use in and around food areas.


  • Environmentally Safe
  • No Harsh, Toxic Chemicals
  • Commercial Strength