Combo Sewer Cleaning Machine

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The Gorlitz Model 62 is a mirror image of our larger Model GO 68. Extremely versatile and being one of our most demanding combination machines, the Model GO 62 is highly preferred due to its smaller size and lighter weight. Easy to transport to the job site, the GO 62 includes an assortment of three interchangeable reels including cables that can handle most any cleaning job. The ball bearing 1/4 HP reversible steel geared motor develops approximately 100 lbs. of torque and cleans sewer and drain lines from 1 1/2" to 4" in diameter up to 200 feet long.


1/4 HP Geared Motor
Ground Fault Interrupter
5/8" X 100' Cable
1/2" X 80' Cable
3/8" X 90' Cable
Cable Rotation: 165 RPM
Pipe Size: 1 1/2" to 4" Diameter
Maximum Pipe Length: 200 Feet
Dimensions: 35" L x 22" W x 24" H
Net Weight: 153 LBS